A List of the 39 BEST Interior Design Shops in London

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Are you looking for the best interior design shops in London?

Below, you will find a massive list of the 39 BEST design and interior shops (for 2020).

So if you want to find:

  • Designer chairs and tables,
  • Contemporary furniture,
  • Designer furniture,
  • Modern furniture,
  • Designer sofas,

You will need this list.

Let’s get started.

Interior Design Shops in London

Shop #1: House of Hackney

Shop #2: Skandium

Shop #3: Jasper Morrison Shop

Shop #4: Indish Design Shop

Shop #5: Monologue London

Shop #6: Triangle Store

Shop #7: Mint

Shop #8: haus

Shop #9: twentytwentyone

Shop #10: Designers Guild

Shop #11: Smug

Shop #12: Pentreath & Hall

Shop #13: Molly Meg

Shop #14: Aria

Shop #15: Abigail Ahern

Shop #16: DARKROOM

Shop #17: Pitfield London

Shop #18: Trouva

Shop #19: Andrew Martin

Shop #20: Earl of East London

Shop #21: Labour and Wait

Shop #22: Jimmie Martin

Shop #23: Do Shop

Shop #24: Opium

Shop #25: SCP

Shop #26: 5mm Design

Shop #27: Do South Shop

Shop #28: Paul Smith No.9 Albemarle Street

Shop #29: Sé

Shop #30: The Old Cinema

Shop #31: Tollgard Design Group

Shop #32: Retrouvius

Shop #33: India Jane

Shop #34: Tom Dixon

Shop #35: Katharine Pooley

Shop #36: Mufti

Shop #37: OKA

Shop #38: Cassina

Shop #39: Sigmar

Shop #1: House of Hackney

House of Hackney Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: House of Hackney

House of Hackney is “a luxury interior, fashion and lifestyle brand that reworks tradition for a new generation.”

Its store in East London offers a variety of collections for all tastes and styles.

In House of Hackney you can find:

  • Wallpapers
  • Fabrics
  • Curtains and blinds
  • Cushions
  • Lighting
  • Accessories

It is a design shop that you need to visit if you need help with fabrics and wallpapers.

Best For: Wallpapers, fabrics, curtains, and blinds

Website: House of Hackney

Address: 131 Shoreditch High St, Hackney, London E1 6JE

Area: East London

Shop #2: Skandium

Skandium Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Skandium

Skandium is the place-to-go if you are looking for Scandinavian interior design furniture.

What can you find there? Among others, you can find:

  • Storage and shelving furniture
  • Coffee and side tables
  • Stools and benches
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Dining tables
  • Kitchenware
  • Table lamps
  • Ceramics

With such an extensive collection and variety of furniture, Skandium is a place worth visiting for all design lovers.

Best For: Scandinavian design furniture

Website: Skandium

Address: 13 Margaret St, Fitzrovia, London W1W 8RN

Area: West London

Shop #3: Jasper Morrison Shop

Jasper Morrison Shop Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Jasper Morrison Shop

The Jasper Morrison Shop is a small design shop in Kingsland Road.

Here are some of the products you can find there:

  • Garden furniture
  • Kitchenware
  • Accessories
  • Tableware
  • Stationary
  • Hardware
  • Lighting

Founded by Jasper—a British product and furniture designer—the shop sells products that are designed by Jasper, as well as products from all around the world.

The shop—which is located on the East side of London—is open from Monday to Friday, from 11:00 am to 05:00 pm.

Best For: Glassware

Website: Jasper Morrison Shop

Address: 24b Kingsland Rd, London E2 8DA

Area: East London

Shop #4: Indish Design Shop

Indish Design Shop Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Indish Design Shop

Indish Design Shop offers a variety of “design-led home accessories.”

The shop was founded in 1996 by Kasha Dalal and Melanie Silgardo, who decided to seek a career in retail.

According to its website, Indish Design Shop sells products that have two things in common:

“An aesthetic and a function.”

The truth is that you can find many interesting objects and kitchen furniture in Indish Design Shop.

From kitchen linen to garden furniture and accessories, Indish Design Shop is an all-in-one stop for those seeking elegant design pieces for their house.

Make sure to check it out.

Best For: Objects and accessories

Website: Indish Design Shop

Address: 16 Broadway Parade, Tottenham, London N8 9DE

Area: North London

Shop #5: Monologue London

Monologue London Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Monologue London

Monologue is a truly unique interior design shop located in East London.

What can you find there?

  • Coffee tables,
  • Tables lamps,
  • Armchairs and ottomans,
  • Vases and trays, AND
  • Many more products.

This contemporary concept store focuses on conceptual design and emerging designers.

Its curation of handpicked design accessories and furniture makes it one of the best options for design lovers.

Make sure to visit it.

Best For: Coffee tables

Website: Monologue London

Address: 93 Redchurch St, Shoreditch, London E2 7DJ

Area: East London

Shop #6: Triangle Store

Triangle Store Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Triangle Store

Triangle Store is a design store located in East London.

It offers a curation of products including cookware, jewellery, books, bags, accessories, and more.

From blankets and textiles to weird ceramics and pie dishes, I am sure you’ll find something unique for your home in Triangle Store.

The best part?

You can place your order online and get your items shipped right on your door.

Make sure to check it out.

Best For: Accessories

Website: Triangle Store

Address: 81 Chatsworth Rd, Lower Clapton, London E5 0LH

Area: East London

Shop #7: Mint

Mint Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Mint

Mint is an amazing interior design store established in 1998 by Lina Kanafani.

It is based in Central London, and it is best known for its contemporary collections and creative merchandising.

So if you are looking for limited edition pieces that are designed exclusively for Mint, you should visit its store in Kensington.

Best For: One-off pieces

Website: Mint

Address: 2 North Terrace, Kensington, London SW3 2BA

Area: South London

Shop #8: haus®

haus Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: haus®

haus® offers a “carefully considered selection of the very best in contemporary furniture, lighting, and homeware.”

You can browse its collection online, and also visit its store in East London.

From accessories to lighting and furniture, haus® has a curation of leading European design brands and internationally renowned designers.

It is without a doubt that in haus®, you’ll find what you were looking for, and more.

Best For: N/A

Website: haus

Address: 39 Morpeth Rd, London E9 7LD

Area: East London

Shop #9: twentytwentyone

twentytwentyone Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: twentytwentyone

Do you like colourful furniture?

Then you’ll love twentytwentyone.

This fantastic design store in North London offers a vast selection of carefully handpicked design furniture.

Just a few of the products you can source there are:

  • Colourful nest stools
  • Tatu lamps
  • Weird armchairs
  • Vintage furniture
  • Fiberglass side chairs

Best For: Armchairs

Website: twentytwentyone

Address: 274-275 Upper St, Islington, London N1 2UA

Area: North London

Shop #10: Designers Guild

Designers Guild Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Designers Guild

I am sure you know this one already.

Fabrics, wallpaper collections, bed and bath collections, and rugs.

These are some of the products Designers Guild is most famous for.

Designers Guild offers a variety of unique items for your home.

You can shop online, or visit one of its stores around London.

Check it out.

Best For: Fabrics

Website: Designers Guild

Address: Various Locations

Area: N/A

Shop #11: Smug

SMUG Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Smug

Smug is a colorful design store located in North London.

What can you find there? Well, let’s see…

  • Prints
  • Cards and Wrap
  • Stationery
  • Accessories
  • Bathroom
  • Homeware
  • Kitchen Dining
  • Plants
  • Furniture

You can also find interesting pieces that are made exclusively for SMUG, as well as pieces that are on sale.

Lizzie Evans, the creator, and designer of SMUG, is a lover of “cluttered minimalism,” who will help you transform your design ideas into an interesting interior for you and your family.

Best For: Green living

Website: Smug

Address: 13 Camden Passage, The Angel, London N1 8EA

Area: North London

Shop #12: Pentreath & Hall

Pentreath & Hall Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Pentreath & Hall

Pentreath & Hall is a place for people who love living in style.

From antiques to linen and paper bins, this fantastic design shop can help you take your interior to the next level.

And, if you don’t have the time to visit the company’s store in Holborn, you don’t need to worry because you can shop online and have the goods delivered at your door.

Not a UK resident?

Don’t worry! Pentreath & Hall ships to over 50 countries.

Best For: Glassware

Website: Pentreath & Hall

Address: 17 Rugby St, Holborn, London WC1N 3QT

Area: West London

Shop #13: Molly Meg

Molly Meg Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Molly Meg

Here is another amazing interior design shop in North London.

What makes it special?

That Molly Meg is specialized in kid interior, gifts, and accessories.

So I recommend that you visit it only if you have a family.  

You can also do your shopping online, through the company’s online store.

Make sure to visit it.

Best For: Kid interiors

Website: Molly Meg

Address: 111 Essex Rd, Islington, London N1 2SL

Area: North London

Shop #14: Aria

Aria Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Aria

From eyewear to tech gadgets and lighting, Aria is for people who have high standards when it comes to design and style.

Here is what you can find there:

  • Home furniture
  • Lighting
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Kitchenware
  • Home fragrances
  • Decorative objects

If your house needs a revamp, I highly suggest that you visit it.

Best For: Tableware

Website: Aria

Address: Barnsbury Hall, 2B Barnsbury St, Islington, London N1 1PN

Area: North London

Shop #15: Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Abigail Ahern

Offering a wide variety of paints, decorative flowers, and unique mirrors, Abigail Ahern is the best place for design aficionados.

In this shop, you will find colors and textiles that you’ll find nowhere else.

If you want to follow a DIY approach, then Abigail Ahern is for you.

The company hosts design workshops and masterclasses, where you can learn how to decorate your own home.

Best For: Paints

Website: Abigail Ahern

Address: 12-14 Essex Rd, The Angel, London N1 8LN

Area: North London

Shop #16: DARKROOM

DARKROOM Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: DARKROOM

Are you a fan of bold design and bright colors?

Then you must visit one of DARKROOM’s stores.

According to their website:

“The Darkroom concept is defined by a love for the bold and the brave, the crafted and the curious. It strives to make good design accessible, whilst also questioning the norm.”

Before visiting one of the company’s stores, make sure to take a look at their collection online.

Best For: Tiles


Address: Various Locations

Area: N/A

Shop #17: Pitfield London

Pitfield London Website. Screenshot.
Image SourceL Pitfield London

Next stop: Pitfield

Pitfield is a design shop located in Hoxton.

The company has an interior and lifestyle shop, café and exhibition gallery.

And, the truth is that it combines all three of them exceptionally.

From vintage curiosities to vintage glassware and wood kitchenware, I am sure you’ll find more than you were looking for in this cute design shop in North London.

Best For: Vintage items

Website: Pitfield London

Address: 31-35 Pitfield St, Hoxton, London N1 6HB

Area: North London

Shop #18: Trouva

Trouva Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Trouva

Trouva is a modern design shop, or according to their company’s website, it is the:

“Heart of the home.”

In Trouva, you will find:

  • Modern kitchenware,
  • Furniture for your living room,
  • Furniture and accessories for your bathroom, AND
  • More.

It is a delightful curated shop that you have to visit.

You can find Trouva’s boutiques in various locations around London.

Best For: Kitsch items

Website: Trouva

Address: Various Locations

Area: N/A

Shop #19: Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Andrew Martin

The tagline on the company’s homepage says it all:

“Add some witty rebellion to your home.”

And, this is exactly what Andrew Martin can help you do.

With design awards like The International Interior Designer of the Year Award for 2020, Andrew Martin is easily one of the best interior design shops in London.


Best For: Custom made headboards

Website: Andrew Martin

Address: 190-196 Walton St, Chelsea, London SW3 2JL

Area: South London

Shop #20: Earl of East London

Earl of East London Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Earl of East London

Are you ready for Earl of East London?

Earl of East London is a “multi-sensional brand” for those looking for unique candles.

You can find candles inspired by the Japanese bathing culture, as well as candles for your wedding and other needs and special occasions.

The best part is that the wonderful team at Earl of East London hosts workshops for creators, and for those who want to learn how to make their own candles.

Cool, right?

Make sure to visit their website and store in East London.

Best For: Workshops for creators

Website: Earl of East London

Address: 5A Gransden Ave, London E8 3QA

Area: East London

Shop #21: Labour and Wait

Labour and Wait Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Labour and Wait

Labour and Wait was established in 2000, and since then offers “timeless, functional products for everyday life.”

The company believes in an honest and straightforward approach to design and offers a wide variety of products, from hardware to clothing.

Here is what you can find in Labour and Wait:

  • Household
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Outdoor
  • Clothing
  • Accessories
  • Stationery

Best For: Bathroom accessories

Website: Labour and Wait

Address: 85 Redchurch St, Shoreditch, London E2 7DJ

Area: East London

Shop #22: Jimmie Martin

Jimmie Martin Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Jimmie Martin

Jimmie Martin offers customized furniture and homeware art.

As you can see in the company’s website, Jimmie Martin is not your typical design shop.

Located in Kensington Church Street, this shop will definitely help you level-up your interior.

Make sure to visit it.  

Best For: Chairs

Website: Jimmie Martin

Address: 77 Kensington Church St, Kensington, London W8 4BG

Area: West London

Shop #23: Do Shop

Do Shop Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Do Shop

Do Shop offers a curation of modern furniture, lighting and home accessories.

What is interesting about this design shop is the materials and the colors that most of its products are made of.

With features brands like BD Barcelona Design and other design brands from all around the world, Do Shop is a surefire way to uplift your environment and live a happier life.

The company’s website has a vast collection of product photos in high-quality.

Make sure to visit it before you visit the store in East London.

Best For: Tables

Website: Do Shop

Address: Unit 105 Finsbury Business Centre, 40 Bowling Green Lane, London EC1R 0NE

Area: East London

Shop #24: Opium

Opium Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Opium

I’ll be honest: this is not exactly an interior design shop, but I had to include it on the list.

Opium is a place where you can find:

  • Indian furniture and mirrors,
  • Architectural antiques,
  • Hindu, Tibetan, and tribal art,
  • Sculpture (i.e., animals, Buddha, and Hindu gods),
  • Cushions, fabrics, bed covers, rugs, AND
  • More.

It is ideal for people who want a taste of the Middle East in their living room.

Best For: Architectural antiques

Website: Opium

Address: 414 King’s Rd, Chelsea, London SW10 0LJ

Area: South London

Shop #25: SCP

SCP Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: SCP

According to its website, SCP is:

“A British manufacturer and retailer of contemporary and vintage furniture and products.”

In SCP, you will find designs by Jasper Morrison, Donna Wilson, and Matthew Hilton.

From clothing and accessories to kitchen and dining, SCP is a store you should keep on your list of design stores in London.

Best For: Vintage

Website: SCP

Address: Various Locations

Area: N/A

Shop #26: 5mm Design

5mm Design Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: 5mm Design

This is not exactly a design shop; 5mm Design is an interior design consultancy based in London.

Founded by Hameed Hani, 5mm Design has transformed homes in London’s toniest districts.

In the 5mm Design’s website, you can see some of the company’s latest projects both for individuals and for businesses.

If you are serious about revamping your space—and can afford the service—make sure to check it out.

Best For: Bespoke interior design services

Website: 5mm Design

Address: Marylebone, London W1H 7JW

Area: West London

Shop #27: Do South Shop

Do South Shop Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Do South Shop

The Do South Shop is a design store in South London with modern home furniture and clothing.

Similar to other design shops, the Do South Shop offers a variety of selected furniture like sofas, tables, fabrics and more.

It also has a vast collection of contemporary furniture, with “an eye for modern living and industrial manufacturing.”

It is one of the best choices for design lovers in London.

Best For: Contemporary furniture

Website: Do South Shop

Address: 2 Westow St, Upper Norwood, London SE19 3AH

Area: South London

Shop #28: Paul Smith No.9 Albemarle Street

Paul Smith Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Paul Smith

I am sure you know Paul Smith already.

And, even if you haven’t bought anything from one of its stores yet, you have seen its elegant products standing on the shelf of high-end stores in London.

Paul Smith No.9 Albemarle Street is a flagship store, stocking men’s and women’s collections, as well as rare furniture sourced from all around the world.

It is one of the stores you should keep at the top of your list.

Best For:

Website: Paul Smith No.9 Albemarle Street

Address: 9 Albemarle St, Mayfair, London W1S 4BL

Area: West London

Shop #29: Sé

Sé Collections Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Sé

Sé began back in 2007 by Pavlo Schtakleff, to reclaim the glamour and quality of the 20th century.

Since then, Sé has managed to become a great place for contemporary luxury design lovers and design aficionados.

In its store, in South Kensington, you can find a curation of selected items designed and crafted by designers from all around the world.

Make sure to check it out!

Best For:


Address: 60 Fulham Rd, South Kensington, London SW3 6HH

Area: South London

Shop #30: The Old Cinema

The Old Cinema London. Screenshot.
Image Source: The Old Cinema London

I’ve mentioned The Old Cinema again in one of our most recent articles about second-hand furniture in London.

So what can you find there?

Antiques, industrial, art deco, mid-century modern, boho, India and oriental, upcycled, Hollywood style, contemporary furniture, and more.

The Old Cinema is a paradise for collectors and people who appreciate beautiful furniture.

It’s a place you should definitely visit if you are passionate about vintage and antique furniture.

Best For: Second hand designer furniture in London

Website: The Old Cinema

Address: 160 Chiswick High Rd, Chiswick, London W4 1PR

Area: West London

Shop #31: Tollgård Design Group

Tollgard Design Group Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Tollgård

Tollgård Design Group is a design studio “with the client at the heart of the process.”

This means that people at Tollgård will take your ideas, and transform them into contemporary interiors that are liveable and vibrant.

Founders Staffan and Monique, are there to listen to your needs and help you envision the ideal interior for you or your business.

Keep this one high in your list.

Best For: Design studio

Website: Tollgård Design Group

Address: Grosvenor Waterside, Gatliff Rd, London SW1W 8QN

Area: South London

Shop #32: Retrouvius

Retrouvius Reclamation & Design Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Retrouvius

Founded in 1993 by Adam Hills and Maria Speake, Retrouvius is driven by the belief that “good materials and well-made things are precious.”

A destination salvage company, a design studio, and an interior design shop are based in Kensal Green, at the North-West side of London.

The company undertakes domestic and commercial interior and architectural projects, only for selected clients around London.

If your house news a revamp or if you need interior decoration ideas, you need to meet Maria, one of the company’s Co-founders, and the lead at Retrouvius design studio.

Best For: Interior and architectural projects

Website: Retrouvius

Address: 1016 Harrow Rd, Kensal Green, London NW10 5NS

Area: North London

Shop #33: India Jane

India Jane Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: India Jane

India Jane offers a curation of selected furniture, lighting, and accessories.

Discover India Jane’s timeless elegance, with items that are not affected by trends or fashion changes.

The company—which was featured in publications like The Times and House & Garden—is the place-to-be for luxury furniture and accessories.

Visit one of its stores around London, or place an order through its modern website.

Best For: Flower shop

Website: India Jane

Address: Various Locations

Area: N/A

Shop #34: Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon is an acclaimed lighting, accessories, and furniture designer.

He was born 21 May 1959 in Sfax, Tunisia and he is a self-taught British designer.

At the Tom Dixon store, you will find everything that the brand stands for.

Make sure to visit both the company’s website and one of Tom Dixon’s stores in London.

Best For: Wall and surface lights

Website: Tom Dixon

Address: 4-10 Bagley Walk, Kings Cross, London N1C 4DH

Area: North London

Shop #35: Katharine Pooley

Katharine Pooley Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Katharine Pooley

Katharine Pooley is an award-winning design studio, based in Chelsea, London.

The studio has succeeded to create bespoke interior design solutions for some of the most demanding clients.

Katharine Pooley undertakes both commercial and residential projects.

Best For: Bespoke interior design solutions

Website: Katharine Pooley

Address: 160 Walton St, Kensington, London SW3 2HP

Area: South London

Shop #36: Mufti

Mufti Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Mufti

Mufti offers an extensive collection of handmade furniture and interior design.

From furniture to lighting and flooring, Mufti can cover all your interior design shops.

The company’s interior design service “range from basic single room concept schemes through to full-scale interior architectural builds and refurbishments.”

Keep this one on the top of your list.

Best For: Handmade items

Website: Mufti

Address: 25 Kensington Park Rd, Notting Hill, London W11 2EU

Area: West London

Shop #37: OKA

OKA Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: OKA

OKA was founded by Sue Jones, Annabel Astor, and Lucinda Waterhouse back in 1999 when the three founders decided to embark upon their luxury interiors journey.

What is really interesting about OKA is its signature pieces, which you can find on the website of the company.

From sofas to decorative accessories and armchairs, you can find pretty much everything you wish at OKA.

Keep in mind is the fact that the company offers free delivery in your first order through its website.

Best For: Signature pieces

Website: OKA

Address: Various Locations

Area: N/A

Shop #38: Cassina

Cassina Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Cassina

Cassina is a renowned brand with 16 stores around London.

Each collection has something new to showcase; there is something for every taste—even for the most demanding clients.

You can learn everything about the company’s designers and stores in the company’s website.

Make sure to check it out.

Best For: Sofas

Website: Cassina

Address: 238 – 242 Brompton Rd, South Kensington, London SW3 2BB

Area: South London

Shop #39: Sigmar

Sigmar Website. Screenshot.
Image Source: Sigmar

This is the last design I have for you.

Sigmar is a design shop founded in 2005 by Ebba Thott and Nina Hertig.

Among others, in Sigmar you will find:

  • Ceramics
  • Sofas and armchairs
  • Chairs
  • Tables and desks
  • Lighting
  • Lounge tables
  • Storage handles,
  • Hooks and pulls
  • Textiles

This store is the ultimate destination for those who have a good taste and want a liveable house.

Best For: Ceramics

Website: Sigmar

Address: 263 King’s Rd, Chelsea, London SW3 5EL

Area: South London

Before You Go!

So there you have it.

From lighting to tables and chairs, you now know what the best interior design shops in London are.

Now I want to hear from you.

Have you ever visited any of these shops? Are there any shops that we missed to include?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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