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Some people are born entertainers; they love throwing parties and hosting guests, while some find it tiresome and hectic. If you fall in the first category, we have some fantastic suggestions to take up a few notches for your parties.
A perfect party doesn’t just come together magically; much thought, planning, and brainstorming go into it. Want to throw a party that people remember forever? Keep reading below to crack the code to the perfect party you will ever organise.

How To Arrange The Perfect Festive Party?

Want to be the talk of the town with the most lavish and extraordinary parties? Don’t worry; we will guide you through. The stakes automatically get higher if you arrange a festive party for a monumental holiday like Christmas, Halloween, or New Year.

What is a perfect party? Everything depends on the kind of guest you invite. You have to consider your guests’ likes, preferences, and comfort. Below are some essential factors that will play an important role in making your party successful.


Before going ahead and start buying decorations, inviting people, and stocking on snacks, determine a budget for your party. When spending, you don’t want things to get out of hand; a definite budget will help you reel in whenever you are about to overspend.


No matter the occasion, food plays a vital role in any party. Depending on the time of your party, you can go for finger foods, hors d’oeuvres, snacks, or full-blown meals.

Depending on the festivals, some traditional meals are associated with them. A full Christmas meal means roasting a turkey and making yams, cherry sauce, and green beans. If you are throwing a party for graduation, promotion, or congratulations, you are free to customise the menu according to your budget.


A good party never has a dull moment; you cannot expect people to entertain themselves at your party. The host is in charge of keeping the party upbeat and thriving.

Entertainment options again depend on the occasion of the party and your guest’s interests. A rocking playlist with all the dance numbers is a must. You can think of fun party games to keep things light and enjoyable for everyone.

Guest lists

Another thing that helps make any party a success is a happening guest list. You must send out invites at least two weeks in advance so people can confirm in due time. Once you have all the RSVPs, you can finalise the guest list and make arrangements accordingly.

Your guest list will also help you secure a venue and make sitting arrangements accordingly. Ensure you include all the essential information on the invites like venue, dress code, timings, and contact information.

Why Are Cocktails Important?

Want to keep your party lively and your guests happy? Make sure you have plenty of cocktails at your party. Cocktails are notorious for uplifting everyone’s mood. Fruity, festive cocktails are much better than straight-up alcohol drinks; they cost less and help people pace themselves.

You can be extra and specify a signature cocktail for your party. Hire a bartender, and then you can pick and choose a cocktail that goes with the theme of your party. A party without cocktails will be boring, dull, and without the element of fun.

The solution is quite simple; it will cost a good chunk of your budget, but having an open bar will help you make your party a night to remember.

Cocktail Cabinets – An Instant Hit

Ever gone to a party where the host has a cocktail cabinet? It is a statement piece that will make all heads turn. Cocktail cabinets don’t only look good; they are very functional and practical.

If you think a home bar or cocktail cabinet is not essential, think again. With all the lockdowns, pandemics, and general stay-at-home vibe, having a cocktail cabinet is a dream of many.

Whether you want to relax at home or throw a party for a couple of close friends, having a cocktail cabinet will be very feasible. It is a sure-fire way of making any get-together a hit.

DIY Ideas For Cocktail Storage Cabinets

Need a cocktail storage cabinet for your house but falling short on budget? Don’t worry. Our experts have listed some amazing hacks you can use to DIY a rocking cocktail storage cabinet. The first thing you must do is to secure a storage cabinet from thrift stores or preloved furniture stores.

You can choose any form or shape; one thing you have to make sure is to pick a cabinet with an open face. This way, you can flaunt your liquor cabinet to the fullest. Once you get your hands on a wardrobe you fancy, you can go one and DIY it according to your preference.

A Step-By-Step Guide To A Retro Cocktail Storage Cabinet

  • Take out your cabinet to an open space, backyard, or porch, whatever seems easy to you. Give it a good wash with detergent to remove dirt and dust particles. After washing, dry it with a washcloth.
  • Once your storage cabinet is clean and dry, you can start sanding it down. Sanding will strip off all the previous paint and give it a texture.
  • Now is time to decide what colour will look best in your room. If you are going for a retro, rustic look, you may choose muted tones. You can also go for some of the classic black, brown, or oak wood colour choices.
  • Prime your storage cabinet, and give it at least three coats of paint. Let the colour completely get dry between each skin. For best results, don’t overdo the colour; it might look chunky and get chipped faster.
  • After your paint is dry, try sanding it down randomly. Sanding down the stain will help you achieve a rustic look.
  • Add in new hardware; you can go for gold, silver, or rose gold; whatever matches with the storage cabinet.

And voila, you are done.




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