London Collected Storage in 10 (Simple) Steps

London self-storage. Perhaps not a hot topic at dinner parties or down the pub.

London self-storage

Perhaps not a hot topic at dinner parties or down the pub.

Yet, as families grow, London homes are becoming smaller, people downsize, divorce happens, you get stationed abroad for a year or you simply like acquiring more than throwing away.

In 2016, people need self-storage.

Whilst you nowadays can sit on your couch and get your favorite restaurant meal delivered in less than 30 minutes, self-storage is still very expensive, an extreme hassle and time-consuming.
Up until recently, you were forced to:

1) Buy packing materials.
2) Spend an entire day packing up your things.
3) Rent a van.
4) Load the van and ask a friend or two to help to load it up.
5) Drive to a remote storage warehouse.
6) Negotiate on price, ultimately end up paying a small fortune (and that’s before all the hidden fees kick in)
7) Unload your belongings.
8) Buy a lock.
9) Return the van, take your friends out for a pizza as a thank you and then cab back home from the van rental place.
10) 2 months later you need a particular item back, but you’ve completely forgotten what’s in your storage unit.

Taxi to the self-storage warehouse, piling through all your items before finally finding that 1 item and you’re on your way home

A couple of days not very well spent.
At bySTORED., we offer a collected storage solution that saves you both money & time.

From the convenience of your couch, you can:

  • Order a 1-hour collection slot online
  • Our team of professionals bring packing materials, pack for you & bring your items to our London warehouse for storage
  • You get an online inventory, with complete transparency of what you have in storage. Need one item returned or all? We’ll deliver straight to your door
  • All guaranteed cheaper than self-storage

This is how simple London storage now is.

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