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Our mission at bySTORED. is simply put: Providing cheaper storage, in the most secure & simple way.

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Our mission at bySTORED is simple: to provide cheap storage in the most secure and stress-free form.

Take away the fact that we provide cheap storage in the most secure way, what do we mean by providing storage in a simple way? Well, our service was designed to make storage as stress-free as possible for people living in London. That meant designing everything we do around our customers, specifically around Londoners.

cheap storage removal man in apron

1) Working in London can often mean long days and lengthy commutes either way.

Spare time can often be a luxury for our customers so, to combat this our two removal experts arrive at their homes & offices within 1-hour time slots from early morning to late night, including weekends! Our customers can pick the time slots that suit them. No sitting around. No time wasted.

2) Around 50% of people living in London don’t have access to their own car.

London is filled with cars and traffic, but every other person doesn’t have access to their own car. This means, that if you want to use self-storage, you need to rent a van to transport your items to storage and then again when you want to collect your items. That’s why we provide free collections from your home! Cheap storage and A LOT less hassle!

3) Londoners live in, on average, the smallest homes in Europe.

To make use of the expensive real estate prices in London, we provide a cheaper storage solution with free rental of our 80 litre storage crates! Our customers also receive an online inventory of what they have in storage, so they can request an item back or simply just to have an overview.

Try us out today and find out why thousands of customers have chosen us to look after their belongings and why our customers have rated us ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot!

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