Furniture Storage with bySTORED

Furniture Storage in London

Moving home or redecorating? Furniture storage is the ideal way to clear up some extra space in your home or make moving house run more smoothly. If you’ve been put off by how much you think furniture storage costs, then don’t worry – we make furniture storage affordable as well as convenient for you.

Why choose bySTORED for furniture storage?

We offer a full storage service, which means you don’t even have to leave the house to store your furniture away safely. Our 2-men moving teams will collect your furniture for free and transport it to our furniture storage London warehouse. We can even provide you with storage crates for any smaller items you need storing.

Our furniture storage units range from a small closet space with 12sqft all the way up to more than 150sqft. So, you can store a couple of items of furniture or the entire contents of a large house, and everything in between.

Secure furniture storage

Our London furniture storage units are completely secure, so you know that your belongings are in safe hands. We’re based in a warehouse in South London that was purpose-built for storage. This facility is fitted with CCTV cameras and an alarm system that are continuously monitored by a professional security company. Dual security locks are used throughout the warehouse and on our storage units to keep your belongings safe and secure.

How much does furniture storage cost?

Furniture storage in London can be pricey, but at bySTORED we offer highly affordable furniture storage costs, whether you’re storing short-term or long-term. We charge you based on the size of the unit you’re renting, not on the number or size of items you’re storing. This means the price won’t go up the more furniture you fit inside your unit.

We charge by the month, but you can benefit from some great cost savings the longer you need to store for. For our smaller units, furniture storage costs start from just £69 per month.

Start storing with bySTORED

Arrange furniture storage with bySTORED for a convenient way to organise your household and belongings. To get started, you can use our storage space calculator to figure out which size furniture storage unit is right for you. Then, book your free collection online or get in touch with a member of the team to start storing with bySTORED.


Do you have questions about furniture storage in London? Here are some of the questions we get asked most often. Don’t see the answer you’re looking for? You can always get in touch with bySTORED by phone or our online messenger.

  • What can I store with bySTORED?

We accept pretty much anything you want to store, from large to small. This means all your furniture is accepted, from small bedside tables to large 3-piece sofas and kingsize beds.

  • How much does furniture storage cost?

With bySTORED, you pay based on the size of the unit, not the number of items you’re storing. Our storage units start from as little as £2.30 per day for a 12sqft unit. Decide how much furniture you want to store with us to figure out what size storage unit you need.

  • How much do I pay to have my furniture returned?

You can have your items returned at any time for a small fee. If you’ve been storing with us for more than 2 months, returns cost just £29. For storage of 2 months or less, the returns fee is £89. Unloading is included in both these prices for up to 30 minutes. After these 30 minutes, an additional fee of £39 is incurred.

  • Do you help with disassembly and assembly of furniture?

For an extra fee, our 2-man delivery teams can disassemble and pack your furniture for you, or reassemble it on the return. This costs just £39 for every 30 minutes started.

  • Do you offer insurance on stored furniture?

Yes, bySTORED’s insurance covers £500 of standard liability for each client. If you want to increase coverage of your stored belongings, we can arrange this for you at the following prices:

£1000 coverage: £10.00/month

£5000 coverage: £20.00/month

£10000 coverage: £30.00/month

£20000 coverage: £40.00/month


Long Term Storage with bySTORED

When you think of long-term storage we all think of the giant coloured unit on the corner of every industrial estate across the country, but there’s so many better options than that.

bySTORED’s long-term storage packages are here to revolutionise the way we all use space in our homes and lives by clearing out those items that you don’t need right now or all the time but aren’t willing to give up.

It could be anything, like the contents of your kid’s bedrooms now that they’ve flown the nest to University or to other parts of the world, but they’ve said they want back one day when they have their own home. Or it could be that it’s come time for you to start a family, but glass coffee tables and expensive ornaments aren’t going to be baby-friendly, but you worked too damn hard to just chuck them.

This is where long-term storage units can come in very handy. Think of it more as an investment into the ever-changing space that is the modern home rather than an extension of your wardrobe or loft space.

Our long-term storage packages are designed to fit around your needs and make the process as seamless and stress-free as possible. Each package includes the use of our bySTORED van and petrol and one of our 2-man expert teams. There’s also the opportunity to use our 80L storage crates for free as well as £500 standard liability cover.

We also provide a number of extra services as part of the long-term storage packages:

Free Collection: One of the biggest differences about us compared to traditional self-storage is that we don’t expect you to ever step foot in the unit yourself. Our two-man teams will arrive at your house on collection day and move everything into the van and get it over to the unit for you!

Online InventoryOnline Inventory: It’s super easy to forget what you’ve handed over to our drivers. So that everyone can keep track of what we are storing for you, we upload all of your items into an online inventory that you can access at any time. The drivers will help to fill this out during the collection and each item is given an individual tracking code so that we can keep tabs on everything. Should you need something specific back this is also a good way of easily locating it and getting it back to you rather than bringing your whole unit back for you to find one small item.

Storage Experts: We totally get that there can be a lot of questions involved when you are signing a contract for anything, and in a long-term game like ours where we are doing something new and different, there can be even more questions. Our in-house team of experts are on hand via phone or online chat to help you out with any questions you may have regarding price, logistics, returns, etc.

For an extra fee, we also have a number of solutions for if you happen to relocate internationally or decide you no longer want your items.

International ShippingInternational shipping: If your stuff is in our long-term storage because you’ve gone travelling for an extended period of time or are trying your luck in a new city somewhere and decide that you’d rather stay there permanently than come back to blighty, then we can help. Let us know where in the world you have ended up and we can grab you a quote on how much it is going to cost to have it shipped to you using our services.

Recycling: We see it time and time again where people put stuff into storage for an initial declutter and then realise that they can live without or don’t have the space for this stuff any longer. We can help out by offering long-term storage recycling services where we will get rid of your items for you, so you don’t have to lift a finger – just let us know what it is you want rid of and we’ll pull together a quote!

bySTORED’s long-term storage solutions are an extremely cost-effective way to store your belongings over a period of months or years. IF you need a more temporary storage solution, we also offer short-term storage.

Short Term Storage with bySTORED

You won’t always need a long-term solution for storing your goods. Maybe you’re going on holiday for 2 weeks and want to store your valuables in a safe place. bySTORED can provide you with affordable short-term storage as well as longer term storage solutions.

Short term storage Solution

What might you need short-term storage for?

  • Storing your valuables while you’re on holiday.
  • Storing your belongings during an interim period between moving dates.
  • Keeping documents and equipment safe while you move offices.
  • Clearing space during a home renovation.

Short-term storage in London with bySTORED is completely secure and leaves your belongings in good hands, whatever your circumstances are. We pick up and load your items for free, and storage crates can also be provided at no additional cost. If you want us to pack your belongings as well, then our 2-man teams are happy to do this for £39 per 30 minutes started.

How much does short-term storage cost?

At bySTORED, we charge our customers on a monthly basis. The monthly price will vary depending on the size of your storage unit. This means, however, that if you only store your goods for a week, you will still pay for the whole month. So, you get a more cost-effective storage solution if you store for at least one month with us.

bySTORED Short Term Solutions

If you store for more than one month but less than two months, then here’s how our payments work:

  • If your storage will run up to 5 days into the next month, we will only charge 50% of the value of the usual monthly payment.
  • If your storage will run up to 14 days into the next month, we will only charge 75% of the value of the usual monthly payment.

The longer you store with us, the more you can save. As with all our storage solutions, we offer £500 standard liability insurance on all your stored goods for short-term storage. When you want us to return your belongings to you, the price will depend on how long you stored them for – £89 for 2 months or less, £29 for more than 2 months.

If you’re looking for short-term storage in London, bySTORED is here to help you find the most cost-effective way to store your belongings with us.

The Most Valuable Home Renovations You Can Make

There are lots reasons you might renovate your home. Maybe you’re sick of looking at those old carpets or your bathroom is falling apart. One thing that puts people off going through with a renovation is the money it will cost. But, if you look at home renovations as an investment rather than an expenditure, then you might change your mind.

If you’re planning on selling your house, then those home renovations could make all the difference. Certain upgrades to your home can make it more appealing to buyers. This means your home will be more likely to sell and you might even get a higher price for it.

But, not all renovations are made equal. So, let’s look at which upgrades will help your resale value and bring you the best return on your investment.

Add a lick of paint

If you’re selling your home soon and are looking for a quick and affordable way to add to its appeal, a simple coat of paint could do the trick. This makes your house look more appealing and like it doesn’t need much work. If you’re going for a colour change, opt for neutral colours that won’t put people off.

Spruce up your kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, so it should be up to date. But, you don’t need a complete remodel. Minor changes and upgrades can go a long way, even bringing in a bigger ROI compared to a major remodel. Installing new countertops, new appliances, or a new floor could give your kitchen the sheen it needs to attract buyers.

Go for a bathroom remodel

Work with what you’ve got when it comes to updating the bathrooms. Adding a new bathroom may seem like a big appeal to buyers, but it is a costly job that brings little return on investment. Remodelling your existing bathroom is a more sensible option. Big changes like installing a new toilet or changing a bathtub to a new shower are popular upgrades. For smaller changes, redoing the grout around your tiles makes a big difference to the room’s appearance.

Upgrade to hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is one of the most sought-after features of a new home. If you have carpets or old, tired-looking wood floors, then this is the upgrade for you. New hardwood floors could bring a value of 70-80% of the cost to install them. If you’re not keen on living with hardwood floors, then adding a large area rug to the room will make it more comfortable for you.

Improve energy efficiency

This one not only helps when selling, but it also lowers your living costs while you’re still in that house. Adding insulation, installing more energy efficient windows and appliances, and upgrading to an insulated garage door are all effective ways to make your home energy efficient. This lowers your energy bills and is something that buyers look for in a new house. They want to spend less on bills, too!

Add curb appeal to your home’s exterior

The front of your home is the first impression that buyers get of it, so don’t overlook it. Small touches like brightening up your front garden and power washing the paving stones are a good place to start. If you want to invest more money in this, then installing a new garage door is one of the best investments you can make. Replacing your front door can also help, improving the security of your home as well as the way it looks.

Prepare your home for resale with any of these popular home renovations. To make your renovations run more smoothly, make sure you get in touch with bySTORED to store away your furniture and fragile belongings during any major work.

What to Do If You’re Moving Out Without a Moving in Date

Moving house is a stressful time. It feels satisfying when everything finally goes through – you’ve sold your house and have your date to move out by. You’re looking forward to settling into your new home when something goes wrong. The other party are dragging their heels and you suddenly don’t have a definite moving in date.

Don’t panic!

This is not an uncommon problem to have, and it doesn’t have to be a big deal. Make sure you’re prepared for this transition period with the help of our handy tips.

Find somewhere to stay

In a perfect world, you have a friend or family member that you can stay with in the interim. If you have a big family, then maybe you have to split between two places – with your parents and your partner’s parents, for example.

What about when staying with family isn’t an option? If you’ve just got a few days, then a hotel is another good option. The luxury life could be fun, but remember you’ll be in very close quarters with your family. Staying for longer could get expensive, too, so it depends what your budget is. For longer periods, you could look on sites like Airbnb and other short-term accommodation services.

Short term storage for your belongings

Wherever you’re staying in the interim period, it will be a hassle to take all your household possessions with you. The best option here is to find a short term storage company that will store all your belongings for you and keep them safe. You can then have them returned to your new address when you eventually move in. bySTORED offers short term storage in London for all your furniture and other items.

Look after your pets

If you’re moving with pets, then the place you’re staying may not allow them, especially if it’s a hotel or a short-term rental. In this position, you want to make sure they’re looked after. Ask around friends, family, and neighbours to see if anyone can look after them. Websites like Borrow My Doggy are also good for short term care, or you could find a local kennels or boarding place to put them up in.

Look after your pets

Don’t let your move stress you out any more than it has to. Prepare yourself for all eventualities and make sure you have a back up plan.

A car, a leg, a comicbook and the other strange things found in storage units.

If you’ve seen ‘Storage Wars’ you’ll know all too well the treasures to be had in some storage units – people store all sorts from collectables to family heirlooms.

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 strange things found in storage units the world over.

  1. A human leg!


We’re not joking, back in 2007 a man bought a unit that he found had a meat smoker in it. We’d be excited too by this concept, think of the looks on your friends faces when you whip out a fresh brisket at your summer BBQ.

But, what was actually found inside was an amputated leg that belonged to a Mr. John Wood, who had lost it in a plane crash back in 2004.

Whisnant, the man who now legally owned the leg after Wood lost the unit for falling behind on payments, decided to turn it over to the police who in turn sent it to a funeral parlour.

The funeral parlour then thought it was a good idea to tap into people’s morbid curiosity and started to charge to look at the leg inside the smoker! Whisnant, upon learning this, asked for the smoker back, but the funeral home refused and so he contacted Wood to see if he was willing to share profits and ownership.

“I just think it’s despicable,” said Wood. “I don’t mind having the 15 minutes of fame, but I’m not looking to really profit off this thing. He’s making a freak show out of it.”

The pair ended up fighting this out in court, with the leg finally being returned to its original owner!

  1. Live ammunition


We don’t know about other unit providers but here at bySTORED we do not allow ammunition or guns to be stored in our warehouse, so we were quite surprised by this one!

A man in Michigan, US bought a unit and when he opened it, was presented with a live hand grenade! Doing the right thing, the man called the authorities who sent the bomb disposal unit to safely get rid of and thankfully, no one was harmed in the process.

  1. Aretha Franklin’s Clothes


Aretha Franklin knew how to show a little respect, and that was even true when it came to her extensive wardrobe. Following a fire at her home, she apparently used a storage unit in Michigan to make sure her beloved clothes were kept safe and away from harm.

Unfortunately, after some time, Franklin stopped paying for her unit and the way the industry is, she was forced to give up the unit and its contents and the whole lot was sold to the highest bidder!

  1. Equipment from Outer Space


Okay, so this isn’t actually some alien technology from a galaxy far, far away but on the program Auction Hunters, one lucky bidder won himself the contents of a unit and inside found himself some NASA memorabilia!

The unit contained an actual rocket and countdown clock that were never actually flown into space. The program they were part of was shut down and the pieces were put into lock down until they were bought.

  1. The one we all want to find, thousands and thousands of pounds in cash!


If this isn’t enough to get you applying for Storage Wars, then I’m not sure what is! A man from San Jose, California went to a storage unit auction to see what he could get and bid on a unit. When he won, he discovered a treasure trove of coins, and silver and gold!

The place looked like Aladdin’s cave and the contents of the unit was estimated to be worth over half a million dollars!

  1. Nicholas Cage’s Favourite Comic?


Everyone loves Nicholas Cage but not as much as Nicholas Cage loved this comic book.

When one man bought a storage unit in 2011 he found a very rare comic book inside, which turned out to be a first edition Superman!

Obviously, the man thought he could earn a pretty penny out of his find so took it to a dealer, but it wasn’t meant to be. It turns out that Nicholas Cage had purchased the comic back in 1995, which was valued at $1million, but it was stolen from his home in 2000.

Unfortunately for the unit owner, the guy he contacted was the very same who had sold it to Cage back in 1995 and so thought it best to return in to the celeb.

We just hope there was a few more finds in that unit for its new owner to discover!

  1. A Strange Piece of K.I.T.T.


Here in the U.K. one lucky set of employees were brushing shoulders with celebrities (if we now count famous cars as celebs) when one customer drove up to their units in the famous Knight Rider car. No, it wasn’t Hasselhoff, unfortunately.

We’re not sure if the car was being stored or just used to transport stuff to the unit, but we’d like to think the former and that those boxes were actually lugging behind in a transit van and not scuffing the back seat of the 80s classic.

  1. The Name’s Bond, James Bond


You think this one would be in the U.K. too, but the famous submarine car from The Spy Who Loved Me turned up in a unit that a man paid just $100 for in Long Island!

Best part is, the man hadn’t even seen any Bond films before this moment and it turned out that this car was the last of 8 originals used in the film.

Tesla founder Elon Mush later purchased the car from an auction for an estimated $1million!

  1. A Dead Body!


Something that no one wishes to find in a unit, and, to be honest, one that no one expects to find is a body!

When a 95-year-old woman passed away in a nursing home, her daughter made sure that she would take care of everything but due to storms and other complications the woman was unable to bury her mother.

Instead, she decided to take the body to the unit until she could bury it, or so she said. The woman’s ex-husband claimed that she couldn’t actually handle losing her mother and had always had hoarding tendencies, so that was why she kept the body!

  1. Burt Reynolds Personal Collection


When a man such as Bert Reynolds decided to open a storage unit, you know he’s only using it to store absolute gems.

Over the span of his career, Reynolds collected memorabilia and artefacts from his films and life that he decided to keep in units instead of cluttering his home.

The actor, however, was unable to pay in 1999 and the contents of his unit were put up for auction – luckily a group of fans bought most of the items and set up the Burt Reynolds and Friends Museum so that everyone could see the prized collectables!

We can’t fully disclose what is being held in the bySTORED warehouse at this time, but it’s safe to say these things blow anything we’ve ever come across out of the water.

If you fancy storing something collectable or strange, book a free collection slot and speak to our team about what it is you want to store, and we’ll see what we can do!