A London Self Storage Success!

A London Self Storage Success – a celebration of the past 6 months — and to what’s to come

A London Self Storage Success – a celebration of the past 6 months — and to what’s to come

This being our first post on the blog we figured what better to write on than the experience since we launched. As always we owe you – our customers – a huge THANK YOU for all your support during these months.

Thinking back, it’s hard to believe that all of this started without even a web page in mid May, but with customers requesting our service through our Facebook page.

Since then we had a great summer supporting a huge contingency of the smart and driven student population of London. We’ve helped great concierge services, amazing families, actresses and models, DJs touring the world with their gifted music, Michelin starred restaurants clearing our their restaurants for movie premieres and last – but not least (if you ask our drivers) – stored an entire gym.

No challenge has proven too difficult and we’ve done our absolute best to be as flexible as possible when our customers have requested the seemingly impossible – such as a pickup from the other side of town within an hour (ok, a red light or two might not love us as much as we love our customers, but hey).

We couldn’t have done this without the great support from our customers who’ve all kindly written 5 star reviews about us.

The lovely people in media who’ve been kind enough to cover us in publications such as Forbes, Evening Standard and The Guardian. We’ve also had the great pleasure to be featured by the UK’s most fantastic bloggers such as Fashion Foie GrasMademoiselle Robot and Mummy in the City – Thank you!

Glamour Editor Jo Elvin described bySTORED. as a “Marriage-Saving Service”, which made our year.

It might sound like we’re reminiscing too much about good times in the past, however the best is certainly yet to come. Over the coming weeks and months we’ll introduce more exciting services making our customers’ lives even easier and more convenient.

Do watch this space for some hugely exciting announcements within the near future and as always if you have any proposals or if there is anything at all we can do to be of service to you don’t hesitate to reach out!


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