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A home is where the heart is. It should be a place that brings you happiness, contentment and comfort. It’s a place where people go to relax, recharge and have some me-time. So spending time at home should be worthwhile.

If your home is cluttered, it may cause health and mental problems. Sometimes the mess gets so overwhelming that it may cause hindrance in your personal and professional lives. To avoid such issues and maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s essential to be aware of your surroundings.

Efficient Lifestyle

When you have unsorted belongings lying in your bedroom where you relax, the living room where your family gets together, or the kitchen where you cook hearty meals, it takes a toll on you. An affordable and convenient solution is to rent a storage unit. Your things and your house will be sorted.

1. Utilise small spaces and corners wisely:

A few tips go a long way in making your lifestyle more efficient. Some of these are affordable DIY projects, and some are ways of working smarter with what you already have. You can use behind the door holders in your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.

These behind-the-door holders can be used in the kitchen to store cling wrap, aluminium foil, reusable bags, etc. In the bedroom, you can keep shoes or undergarments. You can choose to hold toiletries in them in the bathroom.

You can add open shelves in your kitchen, entryway or living room. It will give a more welcoming look and allow you to keep everything organised as it will be visible to others. People tend to mess with closets because no one other than themselves can see them. The aim is to make your setting go with the style of your room and bring efficiency to your life.

Keep things visible but out of the way. Purchasing under the bed storage boxes with wheels will change your life. You can easily roll them out and back in when your work is done. It will let you utilise the space under your bed and keep things out of sight yet organised.

2. Rent a storage unit with BYSTORED:

Even when you have organised everything in your space and sworn never to turn it into a mess again, you can’t be sure. The most excellent solution to this impending issue is to rent a storage unit. Storage units are safe, reliable, clean and handled by professionals at all times.

Storage units by STORED are small enough to store documents and photographs, and others are big enough to hold more oversized furniture and heavy machinery. They all have 24/7 security that ensures all your belongings are safe.

There are no hidden charges when choosing BYSTORED and no deposit whatsoever. Selecting a storage unit is no more a nuisance. It’s hassle-free, affordable and secure. Instead of sticking with a system that doesn’t work, BYSTORED has improved every aspect of the storage experience.

3. Declutter your bookshelves:

The more space you have, the more stuff you tend to accumulate. Before you know it, it has all gone out of hand and has created chaos. To avoid said chaos, discard whatever you don’t require anymore. You can donate books to libraries, schools or a shelter. A garage sale is another great option if you need a little lump sum.

After you have stripped down your shelves, clean them thoroughly. Discard/donate what you don’t need and sort out the rest of your books according to your preference, genre, authors, alphabetical order, rainbow colour order etc. Choose the method that not only looks pleasing but makes your work efficient.

Another great tip is to purchase or reuse old baskets and store oddly shaped books or other knick-knacks. The baskets will keep your stuff organised and easy to reach, and they will also look aesthetically pleasing.

4. Sort mail as it comes in:

Don’t let your mail build up. It doesn’t take long for mail to end up in a huge mess. Pay bills that need to be paid, trash what needs to go and respond to those that need an immediate response.

Another way to be efficient with mail is to set a date to pay all your bills on one specific day. Most utilities will let you shift your payment date. This way, not only will you be paying your bills on time, but you will get the tedious task of paying bills completed in a day.

5. Find the central point of clutter in each room and keep it tidy:

When you wake up, the first thing to do is to make your bed. Keep it clear of any mess, and once you are done making your bed, you wouldn’t want to mess it up by tossing clothes and other items on it. Similarly, keep your kitchen counters clean. Allocate space for every machinery and utensil, so they don’t lie around on the counter or the sink all day.




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