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People choose to live in a studio apartment for various reasons, including downsizing, a new lifestyle, budget planning, etc. Even though studio apartments are small and compact, there are ways you can make your place look chic, aesthetic, and comfortable within a budget. However, it can’t be denied how they are affordable and convenient.

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They come with their fair share of challenges as it can get tedious to decorate a space with limitations. Studio apartments can also get unorganised and cluttered very easily. The trick is to maintain a routine that brings efficiency and convenience.

The goal is to decorate minimally and strategically, so the place looks modern yet functional. These tips will let you make the most of your space and turn it into a comfortable and practical living space.

Get functional furniture:

A great trick to make the most of your studio apartment is to include double-function furniture like a sofa-cum-bed, bed with under-the-bed storage, couch with drawers, stool with storage, etc. Such furniture items will take less space, and they will help you keep your clutter at bay.

The clean and tidy space will make your room/area look bigger and more spacious. It will greatly help in decreasing clean-up time and save your energy.

Design a closet:

Studio apartments often have limited closet space. You don’t have to buy bulky and expensive closets and wardrobes to store your garments.

You can instead consider using an empty wall to create an open closet. Using different racks, hooks, bars, drawers, and shelves will allow you to create the perfect cabinet for your requirements. You can DIY it and make it as big or as small as you need.

Buy baskets, bins, and containers to store bulky garments like sweaters, shawls, socks, etc. It’s also the perfect excuse to embrace minimalism. You can plan a capsule clothing collection. It transcends seasons and trends by being functional. It will also allow you to save space in your closet and keep it organised at all times.

Rent a storage unit:

A studio apartment doesn’t have enough space to store every belonging of yours if you are moving from a bigger house. Things like sports equipment, tools, heavy machinery, holiday decorations, memorabilia, etc., take up considerable space.


To avoid clutter and mess, it’s clever and cost-effective to rent a storage room.

Searching for furniture storage near me will show you multiple storage facilities options in your area. You can compare the prices and services offered by the companies and choose what’s best for you.

Storage units are practical and affordable, and all your items will be stored in an all-purpose-built storage unit with 24/7 CCTV and dual security locks on all doors.

A quick search of storage companies near me will lead you to STORED. They guarantee hassle-free returns and pick-ups and easy booking. It’s a safe and reliable storage facility with impeccable services and a hardworking staff.

Declutter and re-organise:

Hoarding is not a good idea if you live in a studio apartment. All your belongings will start to make your space look claustrophobic, cluttered, and nonfunctional if you don’t maintain a balance. To retain peace and functionality, you have to declutter and reorganise every often so your surroundings don’t get overwhelming.

Consider donating to a church or charity if you don’t intend to use your stuff and it’s in good condition.

Utilise corners:

Make sure you are efficiently using every square inch of space. Banquettes are a great option if you need to create an additional seating area or if you only have a tiny amount of space to make your dining room area.

If you need some extra storage space, you can use a corner to add additional shelving. You can also use your corner shelves to create a focal point or use them to display some cool objects, photos, or books.

Widen the space with mirrors:

A tall mirror will draw the eye upward, instantly making the room feel more spacious and bigger than it is. Strategically placing mirrors in a corner where the light will cause refraction will make the illusion of having a wider place. Use a focal point and angle your mirrors toward it to give the illusion of depth.

The mirrors will make your room look larger and more open. You can DIY mirrors as well by sticking seashells on the corner, framing it or simply nailing a bare mirror on the wall.

Install open shelves:

Open shelves are a great way to utilise the vertical space of your studio apartment. The more stuff you have on your floor, the more cluttered it’s going to look and feel. You can get baskets to store similar items in one basket. It will make cleaning up quicker and more efficient.

Say yes to curtains:

You might or might not be allowed to install doors in your studio apartment. Either way, you should get curtains instead of doors. Hanging a curtain around the bed will give you privacy. Also, sliding doors would take up precious space.

A lightweight and sheer fabric will allow enough light to stream through and won’t weigh down the room.

Keep your kitchen counters clear:

The kitchen is that one place in the house that gets dirty, messy, and cluttered almost every day. To avoid mess, keep all your utensils in drawers and cabinets. Having an open kitchen in a studio apartment will make your entire space look crowded if you have congested kitchen counters.

If you want your daily items within reach, find an opaque storage container with an easily removable lid and keep those items there. You’ll thank yourself later when your studio apartment retains a sense of clean, uncluttered peace.

Use a room divider:

You can create an illusion of privacy and separateness by using folding screens. You may or may not be allowed to install permanent dividers. Also, they will cost more than folding screens. Folding screens can be set up to partition a large room and change the interior features of the space.

You can use room dividers to conceal the kitchen area when you have guests over or simply want to divide both the areas.




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